Welcome to Wicked Spines

Wicked Spines is a blog founded by two moms who love to read. We’re working toward our ultimate goal of opening an indie bookstore that is a family friendly, diverse environment where customers can go to find their favorite indie or mainstream author.

Amanda and Kristin met in 2010 when they started teaching at the same school and soon became fast friends. Throughout the years one constant in their friendship was their support of each other and knowledge of the importance of self care. Whether it was going on road trips to concerts, girls’ night in/ out, or reading, they always valued that time.

As moms who were former teachers, Amanda and Kristin value the importance and joy reading brings to people of all ages. They liked to trade books and talk about their latest obsessions until one day they realized one thing they disliked was the lack of representation of Indie authors in big chain bookstores. They missed browsing a bookstore, finding an unknown treasure and being able to sit down to enjoy it in a comfy chair. The joy of getting that copy of your newest favorite book to add to your collection is a feeling of excitement that never goes away. By creating Wicked Spines, they are hoping to bring a little piece of that joy to their community while supporting amazing Indie authors.